A Lifetime

What a seriously fun project this ring was, hand made from 18ct white gold and pave’ set with so many diamonds. This is the story of a lifetime worth of jewellery turned into one masterpiece, to truly capture how sentimental it is read the first hand account below.


“I hadn't been able to wear my jewellery for two years because my rings didn't fit anymore (and the claws had broken off when I did), my anniversary earrings irritated my ears and my necklace keep pulling out my hair! I found out about Jackson & Tait and decided, instead of just re-sizing my rings, that I could actually RE-DESIGN my rings and incorporate my other jewellery that I could no longer wear. I reached out on Instagram and soon I received a phone call from Luke. He asked what I was looking for in a design and I actually hadn't really given it much thought. After a while chatting, Luke asked me what I did for a living and what I had liked or disliked about my rings. I'm a scientist and I spend hours wearing nitrile or latex gloves each week. I disliked how my original rings were too high and with claws which tore through the gloves on more occasions than not. I also disliked how the powder inside the gloves clumped in the spaces between the diamonds. From this, Luke deduced I needed a flat ring, with bevelled settings to alleviate these problems.

The next stage was to work out how much gold I had, how many diamonds I had, and what design I wanted. I collected all my jewellery I couldn't wear for various reasons and then I added in a ring from each of my parents. So my ring ended up including, my rings from my husband (friendship, engagement, wedding, honeymoon & eternity), my honeymoon necklace, my diamond earrings from our first wedding anniversary, my father's wedding ring and my mother's friendship ring from my dad. This is what makes my ring so special to me, in that I have pieces from everyone who is a part of me in it and I can wear it all at once!


After looking at all the diamonds, Luke suggested a halo ring that I liked the idea of. Because I was putting all my rings into one, I didn't want it to look like just an engagement ring so we added a double thickness band with two rows of diamonds. Luke drew up the perfect design and I printed it out, cut it out and stuck it to my finger to see how I liked the size (Luke tells me everyone does this!) - I fell in love!

After a few weeks, the big day arrived when I went to their office to pick up my ring, Luke slid the wooden box across the counter and asked me to open the box. I excitedly opened the box and when I saw my ring a little shriek escaped my lips before I gasped, "That is huge!". The ring is beautiful, fits perfectly and I get so many comments on it every day. Getting my jewellery remodelled into this ring was the perfect gift for my 15th wedding anniversary. I recommend Jackson & Tait so highly that my mother is now getting her own ring and bracelet made by Luke!” - Amanda M