“Something Blue”

courtney 1.jpg

For the first of our handmade feature series we knew we had to start with something special. This platinum, diamond and sapphire engagement ring is truly a one off piece. Something like this can only come together when both client and jeweller understand and work together. We asked Courtney to share her experience designing the beloved ring and her experience with us;


“It was more than just a ring.

Our ring design began with my fathers passing. A lover of gemstones, he collected sapphires, passing them down to me.

My partner proposed with a vintage ring, knowing how important it was to me to design a ring with one of my fathers stones, when the time came.

I always wanted my engagement ring to be a bit different, something which felt and looked like ‘me’.

We went to a couple of jewellers, yet I didn’t feel like they completely understood my style, the designs they sent back did not look like I had imagined, and they were definitely not ‘me’.

I met with Riki, within a few moments he had me laughing, managing to somehow decipher my complicated explanations for simpler design features.

The stone we selected from my fathers collection was a blue sapphire cut into a heart shape, when the light hit it you would see a glimpse of fire. He bought it for my mother, for years he has searched for a blue heart shaped sapphire finding it mere months before his passing.

It sat in a safe for 10 years, and although I had also pictured using a different stone, when it came to choosing a stone to represent our love, it felt like it was calling to me.

I had inherited my mothers engagement ring, It was imported to us to also use the 7 diamonds from that ring in the design.


I had a few requirements, I wanted a split band with negative space in between, so from the top it would look like two separate rings. As this ring would act as both engagement and wedding ring.

I wanted a boat shaped halo around the whole design, again featuring negative space. Riki suggested having the ring raised, so the Sapphire would catch the light.

When I showed him the sapphire and told him my requirements he said ‘you know it’s going to be a big ring right? It will take up most of your finger.’

He recommended using platinum as for what I wanted to would be stronger and not need to be re-coated as the white gold I had originally wanted would.

In a few weeks I met up with him for the design, and for the first time since meeting with jewellers the very first design was perfection. He had managed to create the vision I was unable to put into words, we signed off on it right away.

When I first saw the ring it look my breath away. I think my first words were ‘WOW, it’s really big’ Riki laughed and told me he did warn me.

It’s eye catching and breath taking, it’s been over a year now and still almost weekly someone will stop make a comment and ask me a question about it. I’m always so eager to sing Riki and the team at Jackson & Tait’s praises. Their service was exceptional.

And I feel exceedingly spoilt to have wound up with a ring that is just so very ‘me’. ” - Courtney D