One of the things we pride ourselves on is the ability to repair most anything. If another jeweller has told you that your piece is beyond repair we would love to give it a second look. In our time so far we've repaired a myriad of pieces, from high end diamond rings to your grandmothers silverware. No appointment needed.

See our running blog below of previous and current repairs


Rhodium Plating

We are happy to rhodium plate your pieces while you wait, go have a coffee and we'll have it done within the hour. If you’re unsure if your ring needs plating bring it to us and we'll put it in our cleaner and asses it for free. 


Diamond Care

During the life of your ring you might notice a loose stone or a sharp claw thats catching on your clothing. Theres a good chance at some point it will need work done and one of the most common repairs is re-tipping the claws. With our state of the art laser its never been safer or faster to get your claws re-tipped, ensuring all stones are safe for years to come.

We will also give every stone a look over to make sure none are chipped or damaged.


Everything Else

Valuations - Professional valuations for your insurance purposes, it important to make sure your pieces are valued in case the worst should happen. Before being valued we make sure your piece is in top condition.

Chain repairs - Most chain repairs can be done while you wait, bring it in to us today and we'll asses the condition of the chain before fixing for you. Services we offer include safety chains, pearl threading, hollow chains, fancy link chains and everything in-between.

Ring Sizing - Whether your going up or down in size we can accommodate you, services include re-shanking very worn bands, soldering rings together, creating entire new bands for your current setting and cutting off of rings that are stuck on your fingers.

We are happy to tackle everything jewellery.

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